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Attack on Titan x Frozen Parody - Do You Want to Fight the Titans?

I lost the ability to breathe after I pressed play. 

You’ve been warned.

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"Don’t judge our love."

Photos by ©Bert Jonkhans

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In need of some new tunes or a new favorite band to obsess over? 

There’s some great music, lyrics and instrumental variety in Amy Lynn and the Gunshow. Check out this in-depth interview, see what their story is all about and get hooked with their lead single and new music video -just in time for their debut LP release next week!

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I see through you


I showed up to a gig with my guitars in hand. The sound guy sees my dad is with me and asks him for my stage requirements. I keep interjecting but the sound guy acts as if I am not there, and continues talking to my dad about my stage set up even though I am the one who is playing. What’s worse is that my dad answered for me. I wish he saw how problematic it was.  

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Debussy- Violin sonata

Ivry Gitlis, violin

Martha Argerich, piano

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You Got Me (feat. Storyman) by Ingrid Michaelson from Lights Out

Album cover 


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The making of music to convey one’s own personal emotions arose only at a time when the artist could feel that he was the centre of the world, in which there was only one form of servitude, namely himself. This enslavement to oneself has given rise to immoderate overestimation of the self and to pathological conditions. It is not surprising that the romantic period was so successful in producing the type of artist who had been shaken out of balance, and who could therefore create enormous mental tension in his work[…] The artist freed himself conclusively from any social servitude and delivered a soliloquy.

— Ton de Leeuw, Music of the Twentieth Century: A Study of Its Elements and Structure (1964), p. 12 (via imaginarydances)

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                         HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY EVERYONE :D


                         HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY EVERYONE :D

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Record Store Day, 2014
Now there’s three things some might never expect to see together.
Yep. I’m *that* music listener. 

Record Store Day, 2014

Now there’s three things some might never expect to see together.

Yep. I’m *that* music listener. 

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